17. July 2017
When you think of the most famous floral painting, Monet's water lilies will always rank among the top. I knew I wanted to recreate them in paper flowers, the challenge came with selecting which one. Monet painted over 300 canvases full of his tranquil pond at Giverny, his home. I spent countless hours searching for the right one.
24. June 2017
When I was in high school I dropped biology for an independent study in the art of the '60s. My guidance counselor didn't think it was a good idea, but none the less I persisted and was allowed to take the class. As I take this journey of masterpiece recreation I had to make a stop at Warhols Flowers, they not only so perfectly represent the spirit of the '60s .
29. April 2017
When I was a teenager I first visited New York City. One of the clearest memories I have of that trip was seeing van Gogh's paintings in person for the first time. It literally brought tears to my eye's in a way that no other work of art had ever done. I had seen van Gogh's work reproduced in but the feeling of seeing it in person, the feeling I got. . . It's never left.
24. March 2017
Making the yellow bearded iris and a red-and-white striped tulip, roses, a blue-and-white columbine, fritillaria, grape hyacinth, cyclamen, lily of the valley, forget-me-not, globeflowers, and a sprig of rosemary was a true challenge. I hand painted or printed all of the paper I used, experimenting with several papers, pigments and techniques to achieve this amazing array of flowers! It took over two years on and off to finally bring Bosschaert’s stunning bouquet to life.
04. January 2017
Inspired by a ceramic charger in the pinyin style at the Portland Museum of Art, this bouquet was created as part of the Museums PMA360 Spring event!